Magnolia Table Volume 2 is Coming!

by Joanna Gaines
Published on November 7, 2019

My new cookbook, Magnolia Table Volume 2, is officially available for pre-order today! (On shelves April 2020.)

What made this second experience so unique was that most of my family’s tried-and-true recipes were already shared in the first cookbook, which required us to get in the kitchen, start from scratch, and develop a whole new collection of recipes for gathering family and friends around the table. I hope this second edition gives you even more reason to gather with the ones you love!

To kick things off, I’m sharing two of my family’s favorite recipes from Magnolia Table Volume 2. Friendsgiving Casserole is a creamy mixture of chicken and spices topped with toasted french bread. It’s one of my kids’ favorite dishes from this book, and so easy to love! We typically serve it with Holiday Cranberry Sauce, so I'm sharing that recipe as well.