Creating a Book Nook

by Magnolia
Published on May 30, 2019

Having a cozy space devoted to opening up your favorite book makes reading that much better, especially for the kids. With summer vacation on the horizon and those summer reading lists ready to tackle, now is a fitting time to turn a small, unused corner into an inspiring book nook they can enjoy year round.


First things first, you’ll need a place to store books. There are, of course, several different types and sizes of bookshelves to choose from, but because the space we were working with was limited, we went with ledge-style shelves. Displaying books on ledge shelves, like these, also makes for a fun take on displaying wall decor. You can even select books to display here that are your favorites or that match the colors of your space, and then store the rest in bins or baskets down below.

Next we added our canopy. The canopy gives the space some whimsy that your little ones will love and makes for a fun little “hiding spot” to curl up underneath. If you have a play tent, it could also be used in the same way.


This is where the cozy comes in! If you have hardwood floors or tile, adding a rug is a good idea to keep the area soft underfoot. A rug also serves as an easy way to define the area within your larger space. Poufs and cushions scattered on the floor make for an unexpected and casual seating option in a reading nook. Hang a few playful prints or the kids’ framed artwork on the wall to help the area feel finished. We even added a few framed pieces on our ledge shelves to add extra color and fun.


This space can be whatever you need it to be, so feel the freedom to incorporate baskets or storage for toys, blankets, games, coloring books, etcetera. Bring in some color and life to your space with a few plants either on the shelves or on plant stands.

For a little added inspiration, we put together a summer reading bucket list printable for you to use. You and the kids can write what books you’re wanting to read this summer, and cross them off as you work through them over the next few months. You can even hang it in your reading nook for encouragement. Click hereOpens in new tab to download!

Now all you need is a free weekend to put your nook together and you’ll be all set for a season full of reading and adventure!


Scandiborn Canopy in Honey Mustard,

Reversible Colorblock Rug,