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The Little Fir Tree


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Illustrations that feature dazzling colors, folk art, and contemporary sensibilities power this neatly pared retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's existential story about a small fir who feels neglected as loggers fell the towering trees that surround it.

Learning that they will be used to build cabins and ships, the fir insists that it likewise wants to "become a ship and sail on the sea," and forest birds offer wise advice: "Don't wish your life away, little tree." The fir gets its chance to shine, literally, when it's cut down to become a festively decorated Christmas tree in a grand house, after which, abandoned in a shed, it reminisces about its life in the forest. Corr gives this cautionary tale a brighter ending than Andersen's original, offering comforting reflections about appreciating one's lot as well as hope for change and regeneration. Ages 4-7.