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Live Black Velvet Alocasia


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SHIPPING UPDATE: Due to increased order volumes and supply chain issues, please expect 1 - 2 week delays in fulfillment. Prominent pale veins shine in stunning contrast against broad, dark leaves in the exotic and elegant Black Velvet Alocasia. Named for its nearly-black, velvety leaves, this Southeast Asian evergreen perennial is a compact grower, preferring bright, indirect light and moderate to high humidity. Use: Recommend planting in a container so you can move the plant indoors before the first frost. Not winter hardy Container size: One plant per 12" pot or larger Delivered plant size may vary Light: Bright, indirect light indoors. Partial sun outdoors READ OUR GUIDE + CARE INSTRUCTIONS HERE Please note: Plant arrives in black plastic growing pot. Ceramic planter is not included. The photo including the box the plant comes in represents a similar plant that you will receive. Photo of larger plant is a reference for what the plant could grow into with proper care.