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Episode 05 - The Ranch on a Hill

November 11, 2015

The Ranch on a Hill 2.1_01-500x333 The ‘Ranch on a Hill’ house was built in 1984 and desperately needed some curb appeal. The overgrown boxwoods hid the house making it uninviting and difficult to see both the front porch and the entry. Because the elevation was flat, the house needed to be extended so that the roofline and entryway were more appealing and inviting. Chip and Joanna set to work to transform this uninviting ranch into a warm home with much more than just curb appeal!


Joanna re-designed the front elevation to include new landscaping and a new front porch with cedar columns. She also added additional brick, new light fixtures, and fresh paint to the exterior. After making changes to the exterior of the home, Joanna set to work designing the interior.

Before Chip and Joanna got their hands on this house, the kitchen was very closed off, the carpet was green, and the turquoise wallpaper clashed with the outdated brick inside. To start, Chip and Joanna extended the foyer and removed the massive brick columns and fur-downs in the formal dining room to create a more open space. She added a larger office for the family, and the green carpet was replaced with engineered hardwoods. Joanna used this flooring throughout to create a cohesive look in the house. Joanna used the same calming blue color throughout the entry, dining, living, and kitchen at the request of her clients.







Chip and Joanna designed the kitchen to include an island and brand new cabinets extending to the ceiling which provided plenty of storage for her client’s growing family. The cream granite countertop was installed with a charcoal colored glass tile set in a classic brick pattern. Since the clients wanted the kitchen to open into the living area, Joanna created a cased opening with a bar top and created a larger entry into the kitchen. Although she could have taken out the entire wall, Joanna felt it was important to distinguish the kitchen from the already large living room. Chip and Jo’s carpenter, Clint from Harp Design Co, built custom bar stools that Joanna designed for the bar top with reclaimed wood. In the end, the clients were pleased with both the exterior and interior of the home and excited at the promise of a functional yet warm home to raise their family in.






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  • Amanda
    10:15 pm, December 8, 2017
    Can you tell me what brand and name
    Is the dresser in the entry way above from! Light wood drawers with metal legs.
  • Lorrie
    2:19 pm, September 22, 2017
    I am curious on what the little round things are on the floor
  • Jill Faherty
    1:51 pm, August 7, 2017
    I'm wondering where I can find the metal round mirror above the cabinet?
  • Julie S
    1:09 pm, March 28, 2017
    Where can I find the flooring from this episode?
  • Kim
    8:43 pm, January 28, 2017
    What is the blue paint color on the walls? It's perfect!
    • Jetta Russell
      9:27 pm, July 15, 2017
      I would love to know as well. This blue color is lovely
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