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Go Get 'Em

August 3, 2016



Blog by Chip Gaines

I’ve always been a coach at heart, and when JoJo and I had kids, I knew that was only gonna intensify. They really are my pride and joy. I loved cheering them on in the smallest things. Walking. Catching a ball. Reading. In every milestone, I loved teaming up with Jo to cheer on and encourage our kids.

So began “go get ‘em”.

Go get ‘em is my “thing” I guess you might say. My mantra. A simple phrase I say to my kiddos, friends, employees, acquaintances—you name it—when they need a nudge.

I do ration this little phrase so it has some teeth to it. My kids know when I say “go get ‘em” I mean business!  

Normally the kids get a little sad when mom and dad head to work in the mornings. But the other day my littlest, Emmie, gave me a big smile and yelled, “go get ‘em, dad!” as I was walking out the door for work. It was just about the cutest thing I saw all week, and you know what, it worked! I knew that little angel meant business. So I got ‘em.

You know, Joanna chooses all of the product in the store by hand. And as a sort of surprise she had our good friend, Jimmy Don, make this sign for me to hang in my office. I really loved it! So much that she decided to add it to the Market so we could share this encouragement with you and your family. Way to go, Jojo!

Go Get 'Em Shop sign here

So what this all amounts to is no matter how fun, nerve-racking, exciting, or boring you think your day may be, do your best! Make it happen. Put your best foot forward.

And go get ‘em!

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  • Debra Favors
    4:32 pm, April 29, 2017
    I love your show and you and chip as a couple. Your designs and divine! I've even thought about moving to the area so you could design a home for me . . .
  • Teresa Gee
    1:04 am, April 27, 2017
  • Maria Palethorpe
    8:57 am, April 2, 2017
    HI, love watching your show!! Have you and Chip ever done a remodel on a split level ranch and I don't mean a raised ranch. Looking for some inspiring ideas. Thank you

  • Prisca Simo
    1:11 pm, March 21, 2017
    Love your design, please do some projects out of Texas. Need to do my house, Cranston Rhode Island
  • Mary Lou Lynn
    10:47 am, March 21, 2017
    My husband and I are planning a trip to Waco in June for our 44th wedding anniversary. We can't wait to see the Silos, bakery and everything else. We watch the show every week and hope to be able to drive around and see some of the houses you'll have done such an amazing job on! We appreciate the Christian Spirit you show and your family is so precious!
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