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Want more Fixer Upper specifics?

Here you can find before and after photos, stories, and the heart behind each and every Fixer Upper project from Jo herself. She details her vision, design ideas and unique projects from each and every episode.

Episode 16

The Little Shack On The Prairie

The Matsumoto farmhouse is definitely the most dramatic transformation of season 4! We couldn’t believe it when the Matsumotos chose…

Episode 15

The Giraffe House

Chip and I fell in love with this house immediately and knew we wanted to renovate and flip this home.…

Episode 14

The Hot Sauce House

This home we renovated for the Ignacio family was really one for the books. The rustic Italian style home was…

Episode 13

The Worm House

Jordan and Rachel, along with their three young kids, needed a home where they could spread out, but also where…

Episode 12

The Pocket Door House

The Phipps family was in the middle of a move back to Waco, Texas with their two young kids and…

Episode 11

The Prickly Pear House

For this beautiful Colonial Cottage we brought back the fan favorite “german smear” technique from season 3! This home was…

Episode 10

Silos Baking Co.

For years I’ve drawn design inspiration from old world European mercantile style bakeries. To me, there is something nostalgic about…

Episode 09

The Double Decker House

  Believe it or not, Chip and I actually conquered a houseboat renovation a few years before the show started,…

Episode 08

The Straight '80s House

The Bufton family has a clean, traditional style, and the home they purchased matched up with that perfectly — other…

Episode 07

The Mexia Major House

Mr. and Mrs. Beachum raised their children in the same home for 27 years. With all of their children and…

Episode 06

The Pick A Door House

The Wixsoms, Dean and Brittany, are both Baylor grads who moved back to Waco from Colorado. They were looking to…

Episode 05

The Graham House

Mr. and Mrs. Graham’s house had not been updated since the time it was built. It was just a small…

Episode 04

The Big Country House

  This home was on a beautiful piece of land and was previously a farmhouse style home, so when the…

Episode 03

The Plain Gray Ranch

The Yeildings described their design style as traditional, but the home they chose was more ranch-style, so I wanted to…

Episode 02

The Mid Century Modestly Priced House

The Morgan family had been through a lot with the recent adoption of their two little girls. I love their…

Episode 01

The Cargo Ship House

When we started working on a design concept for the Chapman home, I liked that Brittany and Andrew loved the traditional…


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