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Want more Fixer Upper specifics?

Here you can find before and after photos, stories, and the heart behind each and every Fixer Upper project from Jo herself. She details her vision, design ideas and unique projects from each and every episode.

Episode 17

The Carriage House

The Carriage House was a special project for us and I love that this particular project is our season finale.…

Episode 16

The Chicken House

The Messerall family was a sweet couple looking to upgrade from their current space. They had a classic style, but…

Episode 15

The Baby Blue House

This week we met Kaley Eggers – Kaley was in the process of adopting her foster son and was in…

Episode 14

The Shotgun House

I love a design challenge. Projects like this one are what keep Chip and me going— the Bell Family’s house…

Episode 13

The Green Mile House

This week we meet the Ermoian family. This couple had a serious love of all things coastal and wanted that…

Episode 12

The 3 Little Pigs House

The Downs family was a newlywed couple who decided to begin their married life together here in Waco, Texas. They…

Episode 11

The Beanstalk Bungalow

  Our clients this week, the Childers family, have kids at Baylor University, and were looking to move into the…

Episode 10

The Peach House

This ranch style home was a unique project that we had the honor to work on for our friend David…

Episode 09

The Chip 2.0 House

Rachel and Luke Whyte, were the kind of clients Chip and I love to work with: creative, adventurous and ready…

Episode 08

The School House

Chip and I had so much fun with our sweet newlywed friends this week! The Joneses were both Baylor grads…

Episode 07

Paw Paw's House

Chip and I loved tackling this heartfelt project for the Zan family! This couple wanted room to grow, a southwestern…

Episode 06

The Barndominium

The Meek house was one of our most unique, and maybe even favorite Fixer Upper renovations to-date. There will be…

Episode 05

The House of Symmetry

Chip and I were excited to help our clients, the McKenzies, find a home closer to town. This couple had…

Episode 04

Magnolia House

If you saw this week’s Christmas special, then you’re finally “in” on the big announcement! We’re opening the “Magnolia House”…

Episode 03

The House in the Woods

The Ferguson Family was new to Waco – having moved from the Austin area for Kyle Ferguson to help manage…

Episode 02

The Brick House

This week we meet the Crafts; A Houston family in search of a home with a manageable size, plenty of…

Episode 01

The Nut House

Wow! I can’t believe season three is finally HERE! It’s been a fast and furious season of getting all the…


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