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DIY: A Transitional Tablescape

November 12, 2015

It seems like each year we get in more of a hurry to skip right to the Christmas-holiday decorating. Don’t get us wrong- we love decorating for Christmas! But with summer now a distant memory, we wanted to make a conscious effort to be present in this special season of Thanksgiving; while, at the same time, allowing ourselves to indulge in a touch of holiday home decor.

And so today, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in a way that enables us to seamlessly transition the table from one holiday to the next with a few simple updates.


Begin by collecting various seasonal greenery and foliage. Produce works well in centerpieces, as it adds a touch of whimsy and color. We also collected some dried leaves to tie in with the fall season.


– Choose an interesting vessel to hold your arrangement (we chose a wooden crate, which we stained. These are easily found at your local craft store.)
– Line the bottom of the crate with plastic (we used a black trash bag)
tip: check your local florist for wooden floral boxes, which already include a plastic liner
– Measure and cut foam oasis to the size of the container (you can find these at a florist or craft store)
– Soak oasis in water until it no longer floats and place in your container
– We started with the Magnolia leaves and the taller greenery, placing them at either end
TIP: For a more dramatic centerpiece, we placed two crates side by side
– Continue placing small pieces of greenery around crate to conceal the foam
– For the artichokes and pears, we used a floral skewer and inserted it at the bottom of each
– Place artichokes and pears making sure you stagger their size and group them in sets of three
– Take additional greenery and place around the container, ensuring all sides look balanced (we also placed a few dry oak leaves to coordinate with the Magnolia but to also play on the feel of fall)
– Place moss on top of the foam to conceal it
– Lastly, place pillar flameless candles


And there you have a beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement, ready to be displayed on your table.




A simple place card idea is to use some of the Magnolia leaves as place cards using gold marker.


For an easy transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas, simply remove the artichokes, pears and dried oak leaves


and replace with pomegranates and artificial berries.


Spread some cranberries throughout the table to tie the colors together.


And replace the Magnolia leaf with a simple sprig of Boxwood – and you’re done!

The holidays are to be enjoyed and cherished with those you love, and we hope that this inspires you to be present during this Thanksgiving season, without feeling the pressure to skip on to the next.


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