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Fall at Magnolia Market: 2019

A note from Jo on this season’s install:

The visual display team spends months creatively planning each install, and I love collaborating with them on how the feeling of the season translates into each display. It’s one thing to tell inspiring stories and navigate these themes in our magazine, Magnolia Journal, and another thing entirely to see them brought to life at the Market. That crossover just never gets old for me.

This year, each issue of the Journal has been dedicated to exploring aspects related to identity. In our fall issue, we take a look at what it means to live in wholeness, and what we hope you take away is a renewed understanding of what it can look like to live in the abundance of your story; to see that every piece of it—the sad, the hard, just as much as the good and the happy—matters equally in the making of who you were made to be. You can read more of my thoughts on wholeness here. But first, take a look at how the Market has transformed for fall.

Below each image, you’ll find links to the products you see around the displays. So if you’re not able to visit us this fall, you can easily shop our fall collection right here.


Right when you walk into the Market, on the left you’ll see this beautiful cement wall with slight cracks in it. It was really important to us that these be the first words you read. The treatment and aesthetic of the wall is translated in other displays, so we wanted to make this the first place you pause as a way to set the stage for what else you’ll see throughout the store. The cracks in the cement are made visible by a gold-colored filling. We were inspired by the Japanese art form Kintsugi, which refers to broken pottery that has been mended with gold. We share more in this season’s Journal about how this technique relates to our wholeness theme.


Hundreds of plaster and cement-dipped leaves hang in a high-to-low swoop, showing off a beautiful gradient of color.


Behind the leaves display is a cement arch that the team built to give the effect that, through time and age, the surface treatment had chipped away to reveal the books buried beneath. This display represents the idea that wholeness invites us to embrace our full story, chapter by chapter and piece by piece.


Oversized, handmade Queen Anne’s Lace stands tall in the kitchen area—an ode to the flowering plant that blooms from May to October. Each piece is hand-cut and painted white.


Fall naturally encourages us to gather, which is why we love having a set table in the shop. Hopefully seeing all of the pieces together inspires guests to set their own unique table this fall and display the beautiful tones and textures that this season brings.


At the front of the store right next to the kitchen area, you’ll find a lineup of antique doors dipped in concrete that feature new wreaths from our fall collection. These were inspired by the antique door story on page 26 in the Journal.


In addition to the cement wall right when you walk in, we knew we wanted elements that represented the Japanese art form of Kintsugi carried throughout the store. It’s such a beautiful picture of how the team wanted to pursue this idea of wholeness—and was an anchor of inspiration for us in the planning of the fall magazine. In the Japanese tradition, broken pottery is mended with resin and treated with traditional Urushi lacquer and gold pigment dust. (Learn more about Kintsugi on page 16 in the Journal.)

We pulled this quote from the Journal, as the inspiration for this wall:

“That porcelain plate I once feared dropping has broken into pieces more times than I can count. But I actually find more beauty in the jagged edges that have replaced its delicate lines. There seems to be more freedom in a life that’s pieced together in a way that actually honors the things that bring us genuine fulfillment. Even though that plate will inevitably crack again, it has been my experience that where there is brokenness there is also an abundance of grace.”

Here are a few other vignettes from the fall display at the Market:

We can’t wait for you to see these in person! Be sure to share your photos with us on social media and use the hashtag #magnoliamarket.