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My Collaboration with Anthropologie

I’ve always loved the way Anthropologie utilizes unexpected patterns and bold, fun colors. When the opportunity arose to do a collaboration together, I was excited about creating a whimsical collection of textiles that would strike a balance between Anthropologie’s artful playfulness and my love for simple lines and classic pieces. I’m excited to finally be able to share what we’ve been creating together over the past several months.

What I really love about this collection is that no matter which pieces you’re drawn to, the color palette and patterns were designed to work together effortlessly to complement your space. The mix of neutrals like blush and cream with bold hues like ochre and shades of blue, allow these pieces to blend with a variety of styles and pieces you might already own.

It was so easy for me to say yes to this collaboration with Anthropologie because it’s a place where I genuinely love to shop, and working creatively with them has been an honor—and so much fun!

Click here to shop the collection with Anthropologie!