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With Love,

by Magnolia
Published on January 14, 2022

The best of what we do is always done with love.

Whether we are sending an encouraging note to a friend or nurturing a small plant on the windowsill, acting out of love is the mark of a life well-lived.

In every moment large and small, we have the chance to leverage what’s inside of us to make the world a little more lovely. To add color where there is none. To bring joy where it has been forgotten. And when those intentional acts stack up, day by day, year by year, we discover that what lifts our communities and gives our own lives purpose are one and the same—a life lived with love.

The proof is all around us. We see it every day—in an unexpected gift, a meal shared with family, or a swing-for-the-fences at a long-held dream. Those moments are reminders that each one of us is capable of making an impact through everything we do, by how we do it.

Acting out of love isn’t always easy—often it’s the opposite.

But thankfully there is more in us than we know. And rather than holding that love close, we're invited to pour it outward—into our homes, into the things we make, into the things we give away. And when each day comes to an end, we find the courage and confidence to sign off on all that we’ve done,

with love,

It is with this sentiment in mind that we curated our Valentine’s Day Collection. Thoughtful tokens of appreciation. Uniquely special somethings. Find gifts to surprise and celebrate the community that surrounds you—sending all the love.

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