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DIY Flower Arrangements

June 17, 2013

I lived in New York at the end of college to study Broadcast Journalism with CBS. My apartment was next to the cutest flower shop- big windows, gorgeous flowers, and the prettiest displays. I would pass by there every day on my way to work and I would see men and women walk out with fresh cut flowers wrapped in simple brown kraft paper. That image stuck with me even after I moved back to Texas. I met Chip after college and when we got married we decided to fix up our first commercial building together. It was a simple little shop that needed a lot of work. We had no idea what we were going to sell out of that building but it reminded me of the flower shop in New York. A couple of months passed and I decided to do a retail shop where I would sell home decor and fresh cut flowers.

With absolutely no experience or clue what I was doing, I opened up Magnolia in 2003 and started my venture in retail. It was all about trial and error and I learned so much about design on a practical level in those first five years. Ten years later, my career has shifted and now I get to incorporate the same ideas I learned in my shop now into homes.

And it all started with flowers…


this pretty bunch of flowers came from Wolfe Florist

Flower arrangements can be intimidating and at times expensive. If you are hosting a shower or a brunch, or just want a simple arrangement for your home, here is a simple step by step on making your own boutique style arrangement.


First, you need a pot or a simple container and floral foam that will absorb and hold water. Make sure when you are buying the foam you get the kind for fresh arrangements and not artificial (two very different products). Soak the foam in water for a few hours, you want it to be completely soaked with water.


After soaking it, stuff it into your container. My stuffing is always sloppy, here I just shoved the square foam piece into this circular pot.


For this simple arrangement, I used 7 roses. It’s good to use an uneven number in arrangements.


I cut them stems short and at an angle.


Next, I place the roses into the foam and I place them evenly apart from each other. Then I stick the final rose in the center.


Depending on how simple or elaborate you want your arrangement to be, you can add filler. For this arrangement I wanted to add mini white roses. This arrangement would be just as stunning without the white roses so don’t think you need to do both.


I placed the rose fillers in the gaps in certain areas. Balance is the key for an arrangement like this.

What you do to one side, do on the other.


Then my favorite part, add reindeer moss. This is the king of all fillers. It’s kind of like a pair of Spanx, it covers up the stuff you want to hide. I simply put moss in all the places where the floral foam is exposed.


And here you have it, an arrangement that looks like $45 for under $20.


I wanted to show you one more arrangement, it’s a little more cost effective because it uses less roses and more filler.


Here I placed three large roses and then add the mini white roses around the base of the larger ones. As you can see, I did the same thing to each rose so it would be balanced.


I wanted to add a little concrete bird pick so I nestled him in between the roses on a bed of moss.


And now for the fillers:

One of my favorite flower fillers is bupleurum (it’s the one on the left). I just stuck them throughout the arrangement and then added the reindeer moss to cover all the gaps. Again, I love the moss because it adds a unique texture to the arrangement while hiding the gaps that are hard to fill.


Here’s an arrangement that looks like $40 for under $15.

You can do it! Try this out at home and you will soon learn the art of making your own flower arrangements.

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  • Erin
    2:56 am, January 22, 2018
    Joanna, do you ever use faux flowers or plants? I live in Wisconsin and fresh flowers don't exactly love it here. Thanks!
  • Patty Jaevis
    10:01 am, October 18, 2017
    Do you carry magnolia swags to hang over a picture ?
  • Jackie Plocher
    8:41 am, April 27, 2017
    I am obsessed with Joann and Chip I love their Style , I'm from Texas and now live in mn. It brings me home every time I see the show , I just redid my kitchen up at the cabin and had Joann by my side the whole time, her name was mentioned often, she's a down home gal, and her Success hasn't gotten to her head, which she so well deserves..... their a darling couple( full of love). I love the show
  • Marcie
    2:22 pm, January 14, 2017
    Yeah, just found out about your blog posts!!!!
  • Deepa Ragland
    6:04 pm, June 16, 2015
    Joanna Gains, You are my inspiration ! My journey started with flowers as well. I grew up in India near a beautiful garden with stunning rose beds. Each day, the garden keeper would allow me to pick one rose of my choice for free. As a girl I would try to find many different ways to showcase that one rose. Since then I grew up and got married and even entered a corporate world but the desire to be a decorator is alive and well in my heart. Your show inspired me so much and really helped me dream big and trust God to make it into a reality. Any advice from you would always be put in practice. Thank You :-)
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